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Congress Gets Serious; Bullies the BCS

There are those who doubt the commitment of our Congressional leaders to prioritize and pass legislation that benefits our nation.  These naysayers allege that Washington has become nothing more than fertile ground for sanctimonious posturing, self-righteous harangues and partisan bickering.  These cynics contend that our legislators spend more time on political grandstanding than actually working.  Well, this week, these Congressional critics were forced to eat their hats, as Congress rolled up their sleeves and dedicated themselves to one of the most critical issues of our time: the NCCA Football playoff.

Head BCS Crusader, Joe Barton

Head BCS Crusader Joe Barton (R-Texas)

Yes, on Friday, a House subcommittee convened to attempt to legislate their will on college football.  NCCAA commissioner John Swofford was forced to endure hours of bitching and moaning from representatives who framed the BCS as a bigger threat to America than Al-Qaeda and the swine flu combined.

Texas Republican Joe Barton introduced legislation that would stop the NCAA from calling their game a “national championship,” a word that, at least according to him, Congress has control over.  He also suggested the C should be removed from BCS,  because not having a playoff system is just BS.  Bloodthirsty and on a roll, he then equated the BCS to communism and suggested it adopt a 64 team playoff.

Not to be outdone, Illinois Democrat Bobby Rush made BCS bashing a bi-partisan affair when he co-sponsored Barton’s bill.  It’s great to see Congress working so well on something  TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO THE MASSIVE PROBLEMS FACING THE COUNTRY.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree the BCS is lame and that there should be a playoff system.  But the idea that a Congress with a minuscule approval rating in a country fighting two wars, economic turmoil and some sort of ominous swine plague spends an afternoon trying to fulfill their football fantasies is more than I can take.

Everybody complicit in this lunacy is officially on notice. You’re an elected official in the U.S. Congress, quick acting like a goddamn 10 year old.  Also, Barry, all of this is your fault.

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  1. David Lawton says:

    You can’t blame this on Barry. He inherited this mess from W.
    Barry is just trying to fix the mess the last administration left for him.

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